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Hi Anthony

It was great speaking with you and we’re excited to take next steps in a creative partnership together.  

Reflecting on our conversation, our take away was that you are interested in leveling up more branded original content for Blaze, and (like us)  you're a lover of sci-fi.


So we created this concept that ties in gaming, streaming, music and has ample opportunity for sponsorships, product placement, artist collaboration, cross promotion, and game-spinoffs. 

A Hybrid Scripted-Unscripted Sci-fi Web Series 

Blaze must leave his homeworld which has been decimated by an evil galactic clan of space trolls.

On his quest for justice, he travels the universe to various planets, forming alliances with fellow gunners, slaying alien mercenaries, and soaking in the vibrant galactic nightlife, where he meets talented musical artists and a variety of dynamic personalities.

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Each episode would be a combination of Scripted Content (30%) and Unscripted Content (70%)

The Scripted would serve as the underlying narrative thread as Blaze traverses the stars

(think Mandalorian meets CyberPunk 2077)

Aesthetically we're thinking a mix of 2D/3D and first-person-shooter-style animation.  It would be fun and loose like Spider-Verse but with Streaming and Sniping.

The Unscripted content is when Blaze takes a breather from his quests and watches some Intergalactic TV or chats with his allies or works on his music.    

This structure is held together by deep world-building, which is the connective tissue and serves as transition points from the Scripted to Unscripted segments.


Below are some of our favorites that nail it.