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Hi Dorian & Team!

It was great meeting you and hearing about your plan to create a video-game campaign around My Agenda Deluxe. 

We thought about the themes you're tackling within the dark under belly of gamer-culture (incels, toxic masculinity, identity, outdated ideas about sexuality etc)


Combining that with the prank-meets-cultural-satire of your previous work, an idea emerged:

A Kickstarter Campaign for a

Sword-and-Sorcery Action Adventure Video Game

This would be a real Kickstarter that includes all the elements that make a successfully-funded campaign:

  • Kickstarter Sizzle Trailer

  • Gameplay Teaser

  • Behind the Scenes videos (Dorian inhabiting various roles: creator, composer, coder, voice-actors, beta tester. Like a Kickstarter ala Spinal Tap)

  • Funding Goals & Backer Rewards

We'd appropriate the Kickstarter platform and use it as a sharable promotional website, with the ability to sell merch (backer rewards) and the REAL potential of funding by gamers and fans alike, who love the game idea as well as the genre-blending territory we're treading.

Crazier things have happened.

In our wacky world where the capitol can be sieged by a tailgate party, and redditors can take down hedge-funds, social contagion is going off the rails and making real impact for better or worse.  Its not outside the realm of possibility for a mock-Kickstarter to get backed and funded.

If you're into the idea, below is a rough visualization so we can better discuss potentials and pitfalls.  If not, there's much here to reference and inform the process of fleshing out the original idea of a fake video game trailer.

Dorian Kickstarter.jpg