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Hi Hana & Team!

It was great speaking with you last week and we’re excited to take next steps in a creative partnership together.  

Reflecting on our conversation about virtual environments, avatars and interactive experiences, we’d like to help you develop

A Branded Virtual World

A futurist night elf landscape of lush inhabited environments, where Hana-related virtual events can exist. DJ sets, concerts, interviews, and other special activities.


It is a platform-agnostic expression of your brand applied far and wide to virtual media.  We can start small and dream big.

Map_lg v2.jpg

Hana's Virtual World Map

Hana world mega pano.jpg

Seamless Transitions

Epic Exteriors

Intimate Interiors

Virtual Concerts

hana game 3rd person.jpg

Playable Game

Types of Interactive Avatars

Hana avatar stylized CU.jpg
Hana avatar stylized.jpg
Hana concept art.jpg

Virtual x Live Sets

UE4 DMX pipeline.jpg

Worldbuilding x Twitch Elements

A way to begin the world-building process might be to start simple, and begin with Twitch elements. 


(Virtual Backgrounds, Seamless Transitions, Alert graphics, Custom Overlays and alpha animation layers etc) 

We'd develop these with the bigger world view in mind so that they they will serve as building block assets for future-forward projects like Interactive Virtual Concerts, Original Video Games, and Multi-player VR experiences.

Hanas room.jpg

It will also be fun to brainstorm together how we may use/hack Twitch elements in non-traditional ways so the stream feels more interactive, as well as each element feeling integrated into the Hana's World aesthetic