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This interactive experience lets users explore their unique style and offers the added excitement of winning gift cards
seamlessly merging technology within a fun retail experience for today's digitally-savvy consumers.

Macy's Holiday Hotel


Each hotel room is themed for a particular Macy's retail category.
"The Jewel Suite" is a rich, eclectic mix of textures, colors, and styles, creating a space that feels fun and fashion.  
"The Snowflake Studio" is a winter wonderland inside and out, filled with home goods and cozy leisure wear.
Find Easter eggs in each room including Bustle magazine inspired Trend tips on fashion, beauty, and Macy's retail products.
Each room is gamified offering you a variety of fun animated objects to interact with, as you search the room for the missing key.
As a side quest, you may also search for the the golden ticket, which grants you access to the Holiday Hotel Disco Party.
Hi from the Future Macys Bustle Holiday Hotel Password.jpg
"The Gilded Glam Spa" is designed to express beauty, luxury, and self-care.
You step into the Holiday Hotel, immersed within its grand architecture, festive joy,  and welcoming Macy's spirit in 360°.
Rowland (after Rowland Macy) is the Holiday Hotel bellhop and your guide through the experience.
He misplaced the Holiday Hotel Keys, and promises you a reward if you find them all. 
Hi from the Future Macys Bustle Holiday
Participants choose their own adventure
and enter a sweepstakes with a chance to win a $1,000 Macy's gift card.

© Hi from the Future 2023


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