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Hi Netflix!

It was great meeting you and learning about the content you're creating and creative challenges you face. Below we've included the examples we went through on the call as well as a few others that we thought you may find interesting based on our conversations.


We look forward to working with you both in your current content needs as well as pushing the bounds of what is possible as creative collaborators into the future.

Spotify - Rap Caviar

Working closely with Spotify's creative team in the early stages of production, we developed an elevated hip-hop aesthetic inspired by Jazz posters of the 50s and 60s for RapCaviar’s original content series, Visualize.

We blended custom scanned brush strokes with modern graphic animation to create this original look along with a toolkit that the team at Spotify could leverage for future episodes.

Concept & Design ‧ Photo Treatment ‧ Animation & Composite ‧ Cross-platform Deliverables ‧ Toolkit

RapCaviar deck 1.jpg
RapCaviar deck 2.jpg

Earth Gang's UP / Style Transfers

In addition to creating wild VFX and otherworldly CGI creatures, we solved a unique challenge of transforming green screen performance footage into living oil paintings.

Using Machine Learning we generated a brush stroke Style Transfer in order to create a variety of oil painting treatments for the footage.

EG UP StyleTransfers.jpg

Food for Thought

We mentioned that insta famous artist, Chester, who is moving platforms to Twitch.  We're collaborating to brand up their Twitch, as well as dimensionalize the screen space so it doesn't feel so flat and green-screened.  There's fertile ground here to use 3D environments and immersive worlds as integrated sets and backdrops.  


Below is a Twitch interview of Chester and is a good example of how the Twitch community is just beginning to develop the language of virtual-live-action platform integration.   But there's so much room to explore.

Below is another example.  Here the HFTF team was asked to create a making-of video for a project.  We created a 3D environment backdrop, where we could host media which helped create a sense of shared space. 

And we used animated waveforms around still headshots, triggered when one of us speaks.  It was a simple solve that brought life to a thumbnail, and sort of crosses over into the traditions of podcasting in a familiar way.

(you can skip past the first guy ;)

Design & Motion Graphics



Internet Money

Here's a simple example of translating regular old talking head humans into fun stylized handdrawn characters.  

In this case, Internet Money asked to be drawn in the style of Adventure Time for an original web series.

IM_crew_color 2.jpg
adevnture time.jpg

Things for the Future

We're interested in interactive immersive experiential.. all the cool vowel words and all the fun letters like VR, AR, XR, ML.

Below is a smattering of projects, experiments and interactive exploratories for your perusal.  

Virtual World Building ‧ Digital Humans   Immersive Experiences  ‧ Gaming  ‧  Gamified Brand Content / Advergames  

Hi from the Future Virtual Avatars Gamin
Hi from the Future Virtual Avatars Brand
Hi from the Future Virtual Avatars Digit
Hi from the Future Virtual Avatars Virtu

Work Work

We can do a variety of work because we love to learn new things, solve new problems and make stuff. Here's a broad-ranged selection of our archives.  If there's anything that sparks an idea or a project you'd like to know more about, give us a shout.