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See You Yesterday

In this Spike Lee produced film, a high school science prodigy builds a time machine and uses it to go back in time in an attempt to save her brother who had been wrongfully killed by the police. 

Presented with its impactful narrative and an opportunity to create wormholes, AR holograms, and the fallout of temporal paradox we enthusiastically jumped on board. From the early stages of planning and look development to on-set VFX supervision and ultimately the execution of the CGI and VFX, See You Yesterday had it all.

#scifi #timetravel #wormhole #vrar #holograms

SYY VR graphics CU.jpg
Making a Wormhole
SYY CU girl time travel.jpg
SYY Wormhole Wide.jpg
syy wormhole orange2.jpg
syy wormhole neon.gif
syy wormhole black_sml.gif
syy wormhole glass_1.gif
syy wormhole clouds.gif


Creative Production Agency: Netflix

Post Production Studio: Hifromthefuture

Executive Producer: Elliot Higgins

VFX Supervisor: Mark Rubbo

VFX Artists: Tom Bourgeut, Andrew Hess, Christopher Rodriguez  

Post Production Partner: Hey Beautiful Jerk

VFX Supervisor: Mark Szumski

VFX Producer: Gina Niespoziani

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