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Karol G's Mañana Será Bonito Tour


Karol G's 2023 "Mañana Será Bonito Tour" promises more than just musical entertainment. Collaborating with Hi from the Future, the tour showcases a mesmerizing animated universe inspired by Karol G's album artwork.
Fans are transported into the adventures of Carolina, a captivating mermaid protagonist, as they explore this realm filled with enchanting characters and intricate settings.
Notably, the narrative, told in three acts, features the iconic voice of Morgan Freeman, who also emerges as an animated character. The animation is styled like a classic fairy tale, but with a twist: it's visualized through the lens of a classic RPG side scrolling video game.
Commissioned by and in collaboration with: The Squared Division
We created an entire universe based on Karol G's album artwork and Carolina the Mermaid, the tour's animated Protagonist.
Fusion of a fairy tale aesthetic with RPG game elements
Three acts narrated by the legendary Morgan Freeman with an unexpected cameo, appearing as an illustrated character in the final act.
The animated interludes are a hit with fans, touring with Karol G nationwide.

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