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Pioneering the Realm of Virtual Cinema with 'Love Virtually'


Love Virtually is an ensemble-cast feature film, where viewers are transported into virtual reality worlds filled with digital double avatars and AI chatbots.
The film showcases over 20 avatars, each mirroring their real-life counterpart as digital caricatures. These characters come alive using advanced motion capture technology, mirroring every emotion and movement.
The digital worlds they inhabit are immersive virtual environments, detailed and carefully set designed.
While the film's visual elements are digital, the cinematography and production design pays respect to traditional film methods.
Remarkably, Hi from the Future created the film's animation remotely during a global pandemic, utilizing real-time CGI and advanced game technology, resulting in over 40 minutes of captivating CGI in 100+ film shots.
Created for: Cancelled Films
Avatars: 20+ 3D characters, accurately reflecting their real-world counterparts with a digital twist.
(E)Motion Capture: Advanced motion capture to create genuine, comedic scenes.
Cinematic Tribute:  Digital cinematography inspired by classic film techniques.
Resilient Production:  Produced remotely during the pandemic, a testament to the power and adaptability of virtual filmmaking.
Virtual Worlds:  Richly detailed virtual worlds that captivate and transport audiences

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